I am a Package is the personal blog of artist Ronald Lusk (me) and his obsession (mine) with packaging as a medium for artistic expression.

How obsessed am I?

Well, I still do function with a day job (Native Sun Communications) and a family (Jenny, Margaret, Cecilia, Sofie and Brianna) and some volunteer activities (Gulf Stream School). And I refrained from going to PackExpo in 2008 (that was hard to miss). But I am staring right now at a pile of packaging samples, with the more stashed all over both my home and my office. My friends now give me their packaging discards and I’ve even been snatching things from the trash room at the office. I’ve been painting molded pulp samples in my kitchen nearly every night for weeks, and when not painting, I’m photographing, prepressing or printing. But at least my sculpture casting into PET clamshells has (temporarily) stopped – what a mess that was – although I still have more casting to do. Those are pretty awesome, too. More proof? I can’t decide if I like Packaging World or Packaging Digest magazines better – PD has the edge in print, but PW has a better web presence. Plus there’s Package Designer News, and the websites and the blogs, and now I’m even blogging, which means (gasp) I am writing again. OMG. Synapses are firing that have sat unused ever since the Annuciation!

Is that an answer?

Welcome to my world. I am a Package.


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