Blank Slate or Empty Cup?

I’ve been thinking a lot about how important emptiness is. I think that the human-as-empty-cup analogy is superior to the human-as-blank-slate idea. The three-dimensionalness of the cup combined with the state of emptiness just seem like better starting points for philosophical musings.

LUSK - low-res copy

Plus, you know how I feel about the subversive rise of the second dimension. Better to keep the 2D out of this.

Here’s another great analogy. Shoes. Their value is in their emptiness. They are basically big containers for our feet!

Also, a blank space is basically that – blank. A three dimensional object has an inherent variability built into the analogy and there better represents an individual’s inherent variability together with the input of the non-individual (spirit, culture, whatever) to fill it. A better dualistic “nurture AND nature” model.

Which by extension validates my package series, which is just what I need, speaking of validation, a video entitled “Validation” that someone posted on my Facebook wall today. I didn’t watch it all, didn’t feel it was valid.


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