The Sex of Packages

The headline could have more properly read “gender” instead of “sex,” but I wanted to put sex in the headline to maximize the marketing potential.

Potential being the key word.

A package is full of potential. It is the holder of the mysterious something. The container of our desires or riches, as with the gifts of the Magi or the plenty provided by the cornucopia. Alternately, a package can contain our doom, as with Persephonie or the Trojan Horse.

But what is the gender of a package? This question has been on my mind quite a bit lately.

I’m going to say female right now, and then try to circumambulate the idea over the next few days

Sow why is a package feminine? Because a woman has a womb, the container of life. A pregnant woman is a human package. And inside her? A gift, our desire, and our doom.


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