Enviropak Rules

Another box of samples arrived last week, again courtesy of Enviropak. Thank you! You guys make the best molded pulp products.

I am very grateful for your continued support on this project.

Some weeks ago I created an American flag piece and sent it to them as a thank you for their first box of samples (Molded Glory, seen below). It turns out that the piece was created on a brand new Enviropak product called Enviroguard, which is basically a sheet of pulp with multiple small half-domes molded into the sheet. Kind of like semi-rigid bubble wrap. At first I thought that it was another purpose-built piece of protective packaging – I guessed that it was designed to hold small widgets of some kind. But no! It’s a stand alone multi-purpose sheet designed to protect anything. Brilliant! Click on their website’s “newsletter” link to learn more.

I wonder if it could be used as the protective layer inside the helmet I proposed in the previous post…

Regardless, the new box of samples held a lot of great items, including a small roll of Enviroguard. I’ve been painting and shooting furiously. Should be finished up shortly as the pre-press work is really piling up now.

That’s it – just wanted to give a shout-out to Bill Noble and team. Thanks, Enviropak!


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