“Prima Materia”

In case you were wondering, here’s the underlying symbolism I see as a fundamental analogy with molded pulp specifically and packaging in general. From C.G Jung, “Alchemical Studies”, para. 209:

The prima materia is, as one can so aptly say in English, “tantalizing”: it is cheap as dirt and can be had everywhere, only nobody knows it; it is as vague and evasive as the lapis that is to be produced from it. And the worst thing is that without it the work cannot even be begun…The prima materia is “saturnine.” and the malefic Saturn is the abode of the devil, or again it is the most despised and rejected thing, “thrown out into the street,” “cast on the dunghill,” “found in filth.”

This quote well describes my experience of packaging as a medium. Tantalizing. Everywhere. Dirt. Vague. Source of the lapis. And without it, the work cannot be done.

Also important is the connection between Saturn and the prima materia. This is indeed rich symbolic ground. More plowing to come.


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