Natural Beauty

Retail packaging, it seems, must be pretty in order to attract the attention of potential consumers for the product it holds. Like a woman looking for a mate in the open marketplace, a package requires an attractive “figure” and plenty of “make-up” in order to be noticed and, eventually, close the sale.

Molded pulp could be described as the “plain Jane” of the packaging industry. Like its older sister cardboard, molded pulp has plenty of wonderful attributes, but is otherwise dull and unassuming. So dull, in fact, that like Cinderella it’s usually kept inside the retail packaging, away from the eyes of potential suitors.

That needs to change.

Like cardboard, molded pulp could be prettied-up with fancy printing and colorful labels, but that somehow takes away its core strength as a simple, low-cost, full-cycle green product. Rather, what needs to be done is to take advantage of molded pulp’s natural beauty.

I believe that the key to enhancing molded pulp’s sexiness as a potential medium for retail packaging lies in design. Molded pulp needs a design workout to get it into shape! The potential is there – I’ve seen it repeatedly in the trays and end caps I’ve been painting and photographing. Fantastic curves, alluring crevices, bold lines. It’s all there, just trapped on the inside. I think it’s literally time for molded pulp to come out of its shell and take the retail stage. It deserves to be there.


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