Flu Shot

I see that the last few posts have veered off topic, from the package as a medium for contemporary art to the package as a medium for business. Welcome to my world! Perhaps this could be called personal economic drift, as matters of the heart are subtly subverted towards matters of the wallet. Nothing steers a topic like money, eh.

I also see that this molded pulp stuff is totally taking over my brain. As flu overcame my New Year’s vacation, I suffered night after night of surreal dreams of molded pulp. Really weird! On top of that, my journal now has entries for seven distinct molded pulp consumer products of varying ridiculousness. It’s as if the product has infiltrated my psyche and is now controlling things. It’s the molded pulp flu. Ugh. I never had this problem with those damn PET clamshells…

So, rather than shooting as planned over the holidays, I slept. Watched movies. Journaled. Even played some Wii with the kid. I couldn’t even muster the strength to paint, which I really need to do. So now, with that lost opportunity rapidly receding in time, I’m back in the office, servicing my clients, selling what I can, but still feeling like absolute crap. And imagining molded pulp widgets.

There’s only one cure for this kind of sickness – back to the studio. I’m too sick to stay late, so I’m shooting during my lunch break. It’s hard to gather any momentum in such a brief window of time. I much prefer 4-5 hour blocks of shooting, but I have got to get this stuff on film (so to speak). I feel incredible pressure to complete the first stage of this body of work (yes, there is much more to come) despite the fact that with Mulry Fine Arts now shuttered I have no regular venue . Perhaps we’ll produce a show in one of the many empty retail spaces that have sprung up in downtown Delray. Ms. Mulry says that she’s game. We know we have buyers, as she continues to sell my work even without a gallery space. But nothing happens until I have enough new work to show.

And as for off topic – business versus art – well, I’m just going to have to work through it. Perhaps a separate blog dedicated to the business of molded pulp would be in order. We’ll see. First, I have to get rid of this flu. Ugh.


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