Molded pulp on the retail stage seems to be penetrating the shoe market. Nice application. Would like to see the lid and closure mechanism that was used.

moldedpulpshoeboxI found this on a sweet little package design blog called

This works because shoes come in many sizes that are typically stored off the showroom floor. The consumer sees an unpackaged example shoe on the floor, then sees the box only when their size shoe is brought to them to try. The molded pulp package does not have to compete directly against other similar products, therefore its less sexy exterior is not a hindrance to consumer acceptance.

I wonder, though, if this application is really provides any advantage over the typical cardboard shoe box. Chances are, the normal shoe box is already made from cardboard, easily recycled and perhaps already made with recycled fibers. The shoes don’t require any special protection from breakage, which is a major benefit of using properly-designed molded pulp. The molded pulp shoe box may even be heavier than a normal shoe box. It would be interesting to see a bit more cost-benefit analysis of this application.

Hmmm. Maybe I’ve got this wrong. Could it be that this molded pulp box is ultimately just part of the marketing of that shoe brand? Seen this way, the molded pulp shoe box is a product differentiator, and therefore a key ingredient is cementing the brand into the mind of the consumer. Molded pulp has become the choice of the brand marketer.


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