Pulpless Christmas

No molded pulp for Christmas. I must have been naughty in 2008.

I figured that hidden within at least one of the many Christmas presents under our tree this year, would be a nice molded pulp tray or endcap. But no. Zero. Nada.

But there were some nice plastic blister packs. And a PET clamshell that will definitely get cast. Speaking of clamshells, it occurs to me that the ubiquitous clamshell might eventually become extinct. The packmags are all about sustainability and green these days, and combined with the general consumer perception that clamshells are a PITA to open, I can see that these puppies are endangered. So I’d better go out and get me some more!

I’ve been wondering lately about the feasibility of bringing molded pulp out of the closet, er, package, and putting it directly on the consumer stage. The Dec. 2008 issue of Package Design had an article and photo of Pangea Organics’ pulp clamshell wrapped with a paper band. Not very flashy but a sweet package nonetheless. (I’d link to the article page but at this writing their website has not been updated to show their Dec. issue content – they’re still stuck on Nov.) So I was especially disappointed to see a big stack of these packages on a markdown table in Macy’s yesterday. Perhaps molded pulp isn’t right for a holiday promotion – less suitable for impulse purchases, better for a branded staple. I’ll have to give this more thought.

NOTE: An image of the Pangea Organics package can be found here.


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