More interesting than the contents…

The packaging is more interesting than the contents. I see that all the time. it’s a powerful idea, but very simple. The archetypal example is the kid at Christmas who gets the expensive gift but ignores it in favor of playing with the big box in which it was packaged. The parents freak out because they spent big money on the big gift that junior then ignores in favor of the “worthless” packaging. Ah, the wisdom of a child’s perception, transforming the worthless into the supreme object. Which also explains why kids are happy playing in the sandbox, or the mud. In the basest objects can be found that which is most valuable

This is what prompted me to share today. MacDonalds has revised its packaging. Regardless of the merits, it serves as an example (to me) of the more-interesting-than-the-contents idea. In my world, the shelves are stocked with packages that are far more interesting than what they’re holding. Cosmetics. Small electronics. Condiments. They are supreme objects in themselves, relegated to a subservient position of boundarizing some consumable subject.


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