So What is Molded Pulp?

I am. Ground up and mashed to a pulp, then molded into myself by the forces within and around me. Made to hold something. To protect something from damage. But what?

Less dramatically, molded pulp is a type of protective packaging material made from wood-based pulp (typically made from recycled paper) that is then vacuum formed into specific shapes. A link to the Wikipedia entry can be found here.

Molded pulp is great stuff. Recycled and recyclable. Versatile. Strong. Protective. All excellent attributes, both in a packaging material and in ourselves.

As I write this, I have discovered an important insight about blogging – it makes me think! Suddenly my head is filled with other uses for molded pulp, things to make both commercially and artistically. So, do I write about these new ideas right now, or do I wait for the ideas to manifest themselves, at least a little more intensely? It’s still me, so I’ll wait. Molded pulp is patient.


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